I Look Forward to Hearing From You

My practice is currently full, and I am unable to accept new clients—with the exception of previous clients wishing to resume services, or a professional counselor seeking supervision or consultation. For potential new clients seeking to start services, please check back with your insurance company or see my resources page for referrals. Inquiries from former clients, or about supervision or consultation, may be sent using the form below or calling me at 206-204-9794.

I respond to inquiries Tuesday through Saturday. (Note that email is a convenience, but not truly confidential, and an imprecise way of communicating. If you choose to email me, please include a phone number so that I can call back and we can speak directly).

My Office Location

At this time I am providing services via telehealth. I can offer services in my office if we both wear masks. I’ll update this information if it changes.

My office is located in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle (East Capitol Hill).

Madrona Refuge Building
1126 34th Avenue, Suite 206
Madrona, Seattle, WA 98122

The Madrona Refuge Building is a 3 story office building just southeast of Union and 34th and says "Madrona Refuge" above the entrance. Look for a hanging sign above the sidewalk with the address on it.

Come to the 2nd floor and take a seat in the small waiting area outside my office.

If we are meeting after 6 PM or on a weekend, THE BUILDING IS ALWAYS LOCKED.  There is a call box next to the front door.  Press 206# or search for my name to call me, and I will buzz you in. Note that my phone will be off until 5 minutes before the hour, in case I am with a client.